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Developing media relations and generating publications is based on human interactions. That’s why you should know who you will be working with. We can honestly say that we’ve cut our teeth in this business. We are the Remarkable Ones.

Krystian Cieślak
Krystian CieślakCEO, co-founder
15 years of experience in techniques and tools of communication, promoting startups and cities. He has completed tens of projects delivered in Poland and abroad. Winner of several industry awards. Public relations lecturer in the Executive MBA program at Kozminski University. Privately he’s an avid runner and marathon participant.
Magdalena Mikulska
Magdalena MikulskaAssociate
A Titan of media relations. She personally knows the majority of the most important journalists writing about new technologies and startups. If she’s not at her desk, she’s probably drinking coffee and closing dates on forthcoming publications in key Polish media. She co-created Remarkable Ones since 2016. She successfully runs our strategic key accounts. She loves the sea and windsurfing.
Marcin Kuchno
Marcin KuchnoSenior Communication Consultant
Technology is his middle name. He was weaned on PR and marketing communications. He has completed projects for such brands as Microsoft, Samsung, National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Tomtom Telematics. He has vast experience in influence marketing and media relations for B2B. Author of one of the most popular PR blogs and organizer of a series of events for PR specialists: PRbezkrawatow.pl
Hubert Rączkowski
Hubert RączkowskiSenior Communication Consultant
This can be done better! This is his motto. In PR he’s always looking for maverick ideas, set to deliver the assumed objective. 7 years of experience in corporate and product communications. He’s worked for many international brands. Strong competencies in #fintech and #bigdata. He’s fascinated with new technologies, which are changing the world of PR.
Izabela Józwowicz
Izabela JózwowiczJunior Communication Consultant
A blend of composure and determination. If you want to organize something, a conference or a complicated event for your clients, Iza is the best that can happen to you. Accuracy and precision are here call signs. She loves all things new and all kinds of challenges. At Remarkable ones, she focuses on achieving the impossible by delivering nonstandard projects and actively supporting the team in maintaining media relations. Attention! She loves cats! And vegetarian cooking.
Monika Dziuba
Monika DziubaPR Consultant
She knows more than anyone else about product PR and communications in lifestyle media. Works in PR since 2006. She designed and implemented communications campaigns for Roca Poland, Pernod Ricard, Discovery Poland, Millenium Dosc Against Gravity. Strong #digital and #influencers competencies. Her motto: life is too short to just do what’s necessary.