We create unique media content

We change boring press releases into interesting stories

Putting together a common press release is a piece of cake. Creating a engaging story which will draw attention of a journalist and thus convert into publication, is more like climbing Mount Everest. Let’s climb that mountain together.

Based on a form which we ask you to fill out, our editors create a professional story. Usually, its a one-page document including a title, a lead, key information regarding your product/service/event and some keywords which will allow for effective positioning of your company online and in social media.

We write in Polish and in English ;)

We send the story to key journalists and tech bloggers

First, we send information about your technology to the tech journalists we know personally.

Sometimes you just need to tweak the angle. This also applies to media relations.

First, we send our press materials to the journalists we know well at key media outlets. Every press release is distributed individually and each journalist is first informed that they are about to receive your materials.

We verify the context of every material we prepare, so that it suits individual preferences of each media representative we get in touch with.

We distribute the content to 200+ Polish and international media representatives.

Look at it this way, if you know of a tech-focused media outlet somewhere in the world, we probably know how to reach them with your press materials.

We have created a unique media database including contacts to over 200 journalists and tech media representatives in Poland and abroad. In addition, we have contact details for over 2000 media outlets which publish news on the subjects of business, commerce, economy, finance, society, marketing and media.

In practice, this means that we can deliver information about your technology to audiences in any part of the world. Our materials get published at any latitude, according to the local time zone in which the targeted journalists work.

We confirm the possibility of getting a publication in a follow-up call or email.

Because nothing can replace an actual direct communication about your product

Journalists and bloggers are often really busy individuals and they can miss a press release sent by e-mail in the overwhelming amount of mail and work they get every day. That’s why the follow-up calls we make to chosen journalists are crucial. We personally get in touch with representatives of leading media outlets and confirm if there is a chance that they will publish your press materials.

It may happen, that a journalist is not interested in the provided materials. Sometimes this means that for your press release to get published it will require a change of context. We strive to maximise the effects of our work and we work out the most optimal result.

We guarantee that you will get publications

We’ve cut our teeth on media relations. We are quite confident in the effectiveness of our work.

We believe that every entity and every technology can gain press coverage. It’s just a matter reaching the right journalist at the right medium with your press materials and working out the proper context for the publication, one which is attractive for all the parties.

Based on decades of experiences we are quite certain that we can achieve that. If we can’t get anyone to publish materials about your company or technology, we will give you back 50% of the fees.

We will advise you on how to properly conduct communication

Do you need a partner with experience in conducting PR communication? We are at your service.

Conducting PR communications on your own is not the simplest task. Sometimes everyday execution is a struggle. Putting together an email which will stand out enough to be noticed by a journalist. Preparing an interesting press release. Responding to sensitive questions from media representatives. Sometimes it’s about tactics. What to publish on traditional media and what to use in social media? How to constantly generate interest for the same product? How to write about it, so that potential clients want to read it? Our experience suggests that it is crucial to first answer some questions regarding your communication strategy: What should be the goals of communication for them to support the delivery of business objectives? What image of the company do you want to build and how to differentiate from your competition? Who to communicate to and how to communicate to bring quantifiable benefits to the company?

Regardless of what questions you may have regarding PR communication, when working with us we give you a team of consultants with vast experience in carrying our communications projects. We are available via Slack, through e-mail and in particular cases also in person. We respond to your toughest questions. We are competent, experienced and we act as quickly as possible. So, what are you waiting for?


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